Get ready Illinois drivers... 250 new laws will take effect in Illinois at the beginning of 2020.

With the construction of the I-74 bridge and all the construction going on, 2 new laws revolve around construction. The first law is one many drivers get extremely upset about, and that is zipper merging, and starting in 2020, Illinois drivers education classes will teach rules about how to zipper merge. Going back to the I-74 bridge, that will be a perfect place to learn how to zipper merge right at the beginning of the year.

According to the state, zipper merging should take place on highways with multiple lanes when drivers approach a lane closure or work zone. See example below.

Another law that will take place on January 1st when it comes to driving on the roads, pertains to construction workers. Beginning in 2020, drivers who hit a construction worker in Illinois could pay more than double of what they could’ve been fined in 2019 if they hit a construction worker.

According to KWQC, There are a few more laws that will affect Illinois drivers starting in the new year including:

  • The fine for illegally passing a school bus will double.
  • Drivers who violate Scott’s Law will face increased fines up to $10,000.
  • Drivers will also not be able to watch streaming video while driving.

Not only are new driving laws going into place beginning in 2020, but many other laws involving marijuana, minimum wage and more will kick in too, according to WQAD.

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