Getting an early start on spring cleaning? You should know some things before you take a box to a Goodwill in Illinois.

My family isn't very good at getting rid of stuff and we recently cleaned out loads of things to donate. That definitely wasn't a highlight of the Christmas season. It was a massive undertaking from years of holding onto things (for whatever reason, sentimental or not) and a lot of "will they accept this though?" But it's cold outside and why shouldn't you be productive and actually get rid of some stuff?

Before you set out on the great quest to downsize and create the 'donate' boxes, you'll want to make sure you can actually donate your items first. Many charities have several restrictions in place on what they will and will not take. For Goodwill stores in Illinois, a lot of the requirements are for safety reasons (like restrictions on cleaning supplies, gasoline, etc.) or to make sure that the item is still in usable condition (read: don't donate your broken or nasty furniture).

Planning to donate items in Illinois? Hold on a second. Goodwill stores in Illinois have a specific list of items that they will not accept. There are definitely several things on the list that you might think would be welcome to donate but they're not. So before you start labeling things to get rid of, check this list out before you load up your car with those 'donate' items.

Illinois Goodwill Stores Do Not Accept These 17 Items

The 20 Best Meals In The Quad Cities

Are you one of those people who know they want something to eat, but don't know exactly WHAT you want to eat? You know you don't want to stay home and cook, and you know you want to go out to a restaurant, but maybe you don't know exactly what you're craving. Where does one find good food in the Quad Cities?

WORRY NO MORE! We are here to help!

We asked a question on our Facebook page "What is the best meal in the Quad Cities" and many people shared their favorite restaurants and dishes in the comments. We have put together a list of the 20 Best Meals in the Quad Cities so that you can get out and try something new!

These restaurants are a place of good times, great food, and reasonable prices!

Check out all the restaurant's websites by clicking on the green wording!
Have fun scrolling!

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