Illinois residents are upset over this proposed tax.

We all know Illinois is in a massive amount of debt. School and community funding have all been cut and there are job cuts state-wide, too. No matter which way you look at it, to quote a 90's Batman movie, Illinois (like Gotham City) 'needs an enema.'

We all also know, that raising taxes is another attempt to dig out. But this tax increase is being said to help combat the obesity in the State.

I can give some credit where credit is due. Illinois does have a 30.8% obesity rate, but so are 21 other states. Illinois certainly isn't anywhere near the over 36% obesity rate Louisiana is, making them the most obese state in our country.

According to,

If passed, this tax could begin in May 2017 and bring in $224 million dollars per year. It can also put more of a struggle on small businesses like coffee shops, local bars and restaurants.

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