The grossest pest of them all is in the news. Rats are becoming a problem worldwide, including at a movie theater outside of London. Rats continue to be a huge problem in major U.S. cities.

Two cities in Illinois have a terrible rat problem with one of those cities having the worst problem in the entire country. That same city has had the worst problem for almost a decade.

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New York And Major American Cities Have A Bad Rat Problem

If you haven't heard about New York City's rat problem and rats being an issue in major U.S. cities, let me catch you up to speed.

A new estimate shows there are now as many as 3 million rats in New York City, an increase of nearly 1 million over the last decade, according to The Guardian. The problem has been so bad, NYC hired a 'Rat czar' to solve the problem. An Atlanta apartment was invaded by rats which made headlines.

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Illinois Has A Terrible Rat Problem

Recently, we got a report from Orkin showing the top 50 cities in the U.S. that have rats the worst.

The pest control company found that two of those cities are in Illinois. Luckily, one of those cities is getting its bed bug problem under control while another still has the worst bed bug problem overall in the U.S. for almost a decade.

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The two Illinois cities that landed on the list of the cities with the worst bed bugs problem are:

  • 41. Champaign
  • 1. Chicago

This is the ninth year, yes, the ninth year in a row that Chicago has topped the list of the cities with the worst rodent problem.

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Getting Rid Of Rats In The Quad Cities

We definitely have rats and mice in the Quad Cities. It's hard to trap them once they are inside, but it can be done.

There are plenty of tips to know if you have a rat or not in your home, and even more tricks to trap them and prevent them from ever returning. You can find those here.

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