Summer is almost here! You and your friends or family are most likely to need a place to vacation this summer. Typically, you want to go to places you've never been before to see things but apparently, you don't have to.

A new study found that Illinois is one of the best states to vacation this summer. If you live in Illinois and want to get out of the state, Iowa is actually in the top 10. Save money this summer and vacation in your home state because they are some of the best.

Illinois Is The 3rd Best State To Vacation This Summer

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A new study has deemed Illinois the 3rd best state to vacation this summer. When you think about all of the things Illinois has to offer in the summer it's obvious why they are in the top 3. found that Illinois has a lot of available and affordable hotel rooms, a high attraction score, and a low crime rate (surprisingly). All of those things make Illinois a great place to vacation this summer.

Iowa Is In The Top 10

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Iowa isn't far behind Illinois on this list. Iowa tied with New Jersey as the 8th best state to vacation this summer.

Iowa's room affordability score was through the roof. It ranks as the 3rd best state with the most affordable summer accommodations. Iowa has at least 455 rooms that are $200 or less a night.

The crime rate is fairly low in Iowa, according to, which is always a plus.

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