There is one logical explanation for this new find. A new study talking about people choosing to move to California shows tens of thousands come from Illinois. But why is that?

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A brand new ranking was just put out by Stacker recently. It breaks down the states that are seeing residents move west to California the most. The list doesn't have the states I thought would be on there, but Illinois was very high on the list of states packing up to become California residents.

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Hold onto your seats. In just one single year, Illinois saw 24,559 citizens get out of Illinois and head straight to California. This makes the West Coast state the 5th most popular destination for Illinoisans who move somewhere else.

Why would someone move from Illinois to California?

There are a lot of similarities to both states. So why would someone pack up their home to move west to Cali? The only thing California has over Illinois is the weather and beaches.

The average winter high in Chicago is 37° while the average high in L.A. from December to February is 67°.

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California and Illinois are also very similar in ways you pay way too much in taxes. California has its crazy tax rates and regulations. If you wanted to own a home in the Land of Lincoln, you'd be paying Illinois an arm and a leg in property taxes.

It might seem funny that so many people from Illinois are leaving to live in California. Illinois has the 6th most people moving there so it's a lot more than you think.

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