People really love to dress up not only their homes but their cars for the holiday season but in Iowa, you have to be careful.

I've seen some trucks around decked out in Christmas string lights and we've all seen the plush reindeer antlers & noses on cars. My favorite was a stuffed Grinch smashed into a truck's grill. I get it. It's cute, it's fun, it adds to the spirit of the season.


You Have To Be Super Careful About It Though

Technically, you can decorate your car with Christmas lights in Iowa but you have to be careful about what color they are and if they're flashing. Iowa law states that you can't have flashing blue, white, or amber lights on your car. Blue stationary lights aren't allowed either, according to Your Mechanic. So don't go with the blue-tinted ones. Iowa law also says that lighting near the rear of the car can't be anything but red.

Also, there's distracted driving to consider (and the logistics of how you would plug in those lights in the first place). It's cool to see the trucks and cars wrapped in lights for parades and festivals but they could prove distracting for you and other drivers on the actual road.

In other states, Christmas lights on cars have led to drivers being pulled over before, like KCCI reports happened in Washington.

As you're decorating your home, make sure you take plenty of pictures and submit them to us for Light Up The QC! You could win $500!

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