'Tis the season to grill and smoke meat so we're looking at Iowa's favorite style of barbecue.

Being from right outside of Memphis, I've always loved barbecue but of course, I prefer Memphis-style, which is mostly ribs and pulled pork seasoned with a dry rub that includes paprika and up to 40 other spices.

But in the U.S., there are the "Big 5" when it comes to barbecue style and Iowa's favorite, according to a study by BBQ Revolution, is definitely a good one.


The Big 5, Explained

You may have heard about different barbecue "styles" in the U.S. but what's the difference? Let's break it down. Here's how BBQ Revolution defines the styles (your stomach will likely growl reading this list, by the way).

  • Texas Style: "slow-and-low smoked brisket with a simple salt and pepper rub. Light tomato sauce is optional."
  • North Carolina Style: "the meat of choice here is usually pork shoulder. A thin vinegar and spiced sauce is used while grilling and served after."
  • South Carolina Style: "In the south, they favor the whole hog, and their German heritage is evident in the tangy, mustard-based sauce used here."

I already explained Memphis-style and our love for ribs, pulled pork, and dry rub featuring dozens of seasonings.

Iowa's favorite barbecue style is Kansas City-style.

Kansas City-style barbecue is defined as "a wide range of meats compliments this BBQ style, and it is coated with a thick and sweet sauce of tomato, molasses, and brown sugar".

Most of the country apparently prefers Texas-style barbecue but they all sound delicious to me. What's your favorite barbecue? Let us know in the app chat!

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