Iowa is really good at drinking but apparently we're also pretty good at lying.

BetMGM looked at the states that have the best poker faces. Whether you got dealt a terrible hand or a fantastic hand, you have to keep your cool at a high-stakes casino table. You can't let your facial expressions hint at how good your hand is.


What We're Lying About

The study found that Americans lie most about reasons for not seeing people, how they feel, and secrets they're keeping. Men apparently lie most about keeping secrets and women lie when they're coming up with reasons for not seeing people.

BetMGM looked at 4 key factors to figure out which states are the best liars. They looked at:

  • frequency of lying
  • proficiency in lying
  • comfort level while lying
  • success in getting away with it

The most common signs someone is lying are things like avoiding eye contact, closed-off body language, and changes in their voice.

Iowa Did Really Well

Whether you want to consider it a feather in our cap or not, Iowa garnered a perfect score for poker faces.

The study found Iowa lies more than any other state and we're the most successful at getting away with our crap.

Another nugget was that 79% of Americans said they're likely to lie if it's for the other person's benefit. And where are we all lying the most? At the doctor's office. Followed closely by work. Keeping it classy for sure.

In case you're wondering how they came up with this, the study looked at survey responses from people in 44 states in June. You can see the full study here.

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The following statistics are based on data from the year 2022

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