Dog owners in Iowa and Illinois, can you weigh in on this?

April 11th is National Pet Day so in celebration of that, Shane Co. has come out with a list of each state's favorite dog breeds.

Dog owners take a lot of pride in our pooch's pedigree. Personally, my favorite breed is Adopted but I've also had purebreds, specifically a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and my mom's evil Cavalier King Charles spaniel.


Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl is more compelling to me than the Super Bowl and I'm not alone in that. Shane Co. found that a record 3.6 million Americans watched it this year. It's fluffy, playing puppies. Of course we did.

Iowa's Favorite Dog Breed

To come up with the map of each state's favorite puppy breeds, Shane Co. looked at search data from Google Trends to see what we're all looking up the most.

Iowa's favorite dog breed are Chow Chows.

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The big fluffball, wrinkly-faced pups are one of the world's oldest dog breeds, according to American Kennel Club. The Chow Chow isn't as eager to please as other dog breeds but they are affectionate. They're also strong-willed and stubborn so make sure you're ready to keep up with an attitude before you get one.

Illinois' Favorite Dog Breed

It looks like Illinois residents are also searching for a smaller pup.

Illinois' favorite dog breed are Yorkshire Terriers.

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My childhood bestie had a Yorkie, a super sweet but highly energetic pup. Yorkies are eager to please, really smart, and have that coat that you'll have to maintain, according to the American Kennel Club. In fact, it's recommended that you brush your Yorkie's coat daily.

Do you think these two breeds should be the most popular dog breeds in Iowa and Illinois? Let us know in the app chat!

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