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Bright lights, loud noises, and overall things giving you a headache? It probably has nothing to do with the case of Busch Light you put down last night. No, it definitely has everything to do with that.

Yeah, being hungover sucks. But time and water is your friend. As you sit there with a headache, have you ever wondered which states get hungover the most? If you thought that question to yourself then that means you are probably feeling and that headache is slowly going away.

Fortunately, our friends at Zippia thought the same question before slamming down a variety pack of White Claws and gave us the answers to which states are hungover the most. To find that answer, Zippia once again looked at Google trends to see which states search for ‘hangover cure’ the most.

Most likely if someone is Googling 'hangover cure' odds are they are dealing with a good one. Zippia looked at related searches including “how to cure a hangover quick,” “how to cure a hangover at home,” “how to cure a wine hangover,” “what to eat to cure a hangover,” and truly, bizarrely “wet socks hangover cure.”

After searching through the data, here are the top 10 hungover states:

The Most Hungover States

  1. Alaska
  2. Wyoming
  3. Nebraska
  4. Nevada
  5. Colorado
  6. Vermont
  7. Kansas
  8. Hawaii
  9. Montana
  10. New Mexico

Where does Iowa and Illinois fall on this list? I feel like this isn't a shocker, but Iowa is more hungover than Illinois.

Zippia found that Iowa and Illinois really weren't that hungover. I'm surprised to see both states kind of in the middle of the pack. Here is where Iowa and Illinois landed on the most hungover states list:

  • Iowa ranks as the 22nd most hungover state. Iowa has a search volume for 'hangover cure' of 57.
  • Illinois is 9 behind Iowa with a ranking of 31. Their search volume for 'hangover cure' was 53.

Looks like Illinoisans take it a little easier when drinking than Iowans do. I still blame it on the Busch Light.

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