West Des Moines breakfast cafe Me So Hungry, which has yet to even open, is changing its name to Eggs & Jam, according to the Des Moines Register. The change comes after the restaurant was accused of cultural appropriation of both the black and Asian communities by Facebook users and even another local restaurant.

In addition to having a name that many perceived as offensive to Asian culture, the diner's theme is "90's hip hop" and will feature items like chicken and waffles, which online critics deemed to be co-opting of black culture.

Des Moines Asian restaurant said this about Me So Hungry on their Facebook page:

“The name Me So Hungry is incredibly tasteless and the responses to criticism, tone-deaf,” a Facebook post from the business reads. “Whether intentional or not, their decision serves as a potent reminder of each and every single time a member of our community was belittled for being Asian.”

The restaurant's owners insist that the former name reflected 90's pop culture, and was a reference to a line in Sir Mix a Lot's "Baby Got Back." They also say the never intended to offend anyone with their choice of menu items, which is understandable since plenty of restaurants feature chicken and waffles on their menu. Nevertheless, the restaurant will open under the name Eggs & Jam August 9.

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