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It's every parents' nightmare- the person you've hired to care for and protect your child becomes the person that harms them.

That's the reality for one Cedar Rapids family. According to KWWL News 7, 19 month old Max Walker was allegedly thrown across the room by his babysitter after he refused to nap. The toddler was then laying on the ground for six hours before his mother came to pick him up. She found Max screaming and crying when she arrived, and he continued to cry for hours afterward, prompting a trip to the emergency room. A spiral fracture was found in Max's leg. He will have to wear a cast for two months, and sadly, will also have to relearn how to walk.

Detectives spoke to Max's babysitter, who admitted to everything. Although she has not been arrested, Cedar Rapids PD says there is an ongoing investigation.

This is truly one of the scariest scenarios I could contemplate as a mother. I know there are plenty of wonderful, responsible caregivers out there, but stories like this make me question ever leaving my child with a babysitter again.

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