If you've ever received a traffic cam ticket in the mail, you're probably pretty happy about this news: Local News 4 is reporting a bill banning the pesky cameras has passed the Iowa Senate.

The bill passed with a 32-18 vote and will now head to the House. House legislators are debating whether the cameras could remain, but with stricter regulations.

Traffic cams have long been a subject of debate, with many (including lawmakers) saying that the only purpose they serve is to make money. A QC Times story states that Davenport received $1 million from close to 40,000 camera violations in 2017, while Cedar Rapids made close to a whopping $4 million in revenue last year.

I am one of the many who have fallen victim to the traffic camera at Kimberly and Welcome Way in Davenport. After receiving a $60 plus ticket in 2016 for speeding, I have since learned my lesson. Yes, we should always be responsible drivers, but are the cameras fair? We'll have to see what the Iowa House thinks.

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