A specific way to get rid of a wasp nest is going viral and it's not a good idea for Iowans to try.

Wasps have always given me the heebie-jeebies and 'tis the season for them to be hovering around. Their nests pop up in outdoor crevices, by doors, under awnings, etc. We have to get rid of them if the nests are close enough to our pools, doors, or anywhere around our house that has foot traffic. So how can we do that?

One of the more stupid trends of Summer 2023 has popped up several times in my TikTok feed lately so I looked into if it's actually a good idea. Like most viral methods, it's most definitely not.


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For one thing, it would be so easy for you to lose your grip on it and miss a wasp or yellowjacket (one guy did, and surprise, he got stung. A lot). I don't really care to get within arm's reach of a wasp nest, thank you. Another issue, as experts told Verify This, is that the gasoline could get on you, your pets, or it could be close to something flammable.

Another question I had watching these TikToks is: how do you now safely dispose of the dead wasp-seasoned gasoline? Congrats, you knocked the nest and the bugs in it, but now what? You certainly couldn't use that cup or container again.

So Maybe Don't

Wouldn't it just be easier to run to the store to get the aerosol wasp nest spray than try to get a bit of gasoline from wherever into a cup? Just use the sprays. Even experts suggest that. Check the spray's label to determine which one is safest for you. Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences told Verify:

If you find two similar products, and one has a ‘Caution’ signal word and the other has a ‘Warning’ signal word, choose the Caution product. These words indicate how toxic the product is and Caution is the least toxic. Warning is considered moderately toxic while a Danger Poison signal word is extremely poisonous, even to humans. A ‘Danger’ signal word indicates the product will cause a severe eye or skin irritant.

Spray the nest either in the morning or at night, when the wasps are least active.

But don't try to suffocate them in gasoline.

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