Valentine's Day is coming up fast so if you want a date, here's what not to do on dating apps in Iowa.

I decided to get back on the dating apps when I moved to the QC. I thought it had to be better than my hometown in Arkansas. I procrastinated that but now I've been back on them for a couple of months now and it took about a week to remember why I got off of them in the first place. The ungodly amount of profiles that have the same ridiculous cliches. The small talk. The lack of creativity. Oy.


Valentine's Day is coming up fast and it's still cuffing season so if you want a person by your side during this time, let's discuss modern dating app etiquette.

5. Awful Prompt Replies

Main offenders include:

"The Worst Idea I've Ever Had: downloading this app"

If that's all you have to say, I would agree with you. It's not cute. Not funny. Moving on.

Saying Anything About Pineapples On Pizza

This is the antithesis of interesting.

"I'll fall for you if: you trip me"

*bangs head on table*

"I'm overly competitive about: everything"

Except, apparently, creativity.


4. Group Pictures


Don't do this to me. I haven't met you so I can't just clearly pick out who you are. Don't make every picture on your profile a group snapshot. I get it if it's one you look particularly good in or if it's a cool vacation or a wedding. But I won't like your profile if it's just a bunch of group pics.

3. Lying About Your Age And/Or Height


I'll hand it to a lot of short fellas, several of them own their height on the apps. But I believe everyone has been out with someone who lied about their height. I went out with a guy who said he was 5'11", and I had another date with a man who was 6'0". There was much more than 1 inch of a height difference unless I had a growth spurt.

2. Small Talk


I get being shy. But small talk is why I turned off dating app notifications on my phone. Sliding into my DM's with "hey" or on Hinge, just liking a picture, doesn't have a high rate of success.

1. Wanderlust


Listen, a love of traveling and learning from my travels runs very deep in my blood. I've been to many places and I love being around people from backgrounds that are different than mine. My bio doesn't say a word about that. Of course we all love to travel. Who wouldn't want something like an inclusive trip to Cancun? It's not original to say you're "looking for someone to travel the world with me".

What are your biggest dating app pet peeves? Let us know in the app chat!

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