I'm not monkeying around. According to Thrillist, Iowa's favorite Thanksgiving food is...Monkey Bread.

The site looked at top searches from Pillsbury and Betty Crocker in each state to comprise the list. Most of the favorites are pretty standard fare; for instance, Idaho loves biscuits and Oklahoma is all about the pecan pie.

But somehow the sweet, sticky pastry is tops in Iowa, despite the fact that the state is comprised of a whole lot of corn, and I've never heard of anyone serving monkey bread at their Thanksgiving dinner. Then again, I grew up in Illinois, whose number one choice is a lot more normal: mashed potatoes. Am I missing something, Iowans? Am the weirdo?

If you're unfamiliar with monkey bread, it's a sweet, pull apart bread covered with cinnamon and sugar and butter. It's totally delicious, but would you prefer eating it to pie? I did grow up making and devouring plenty of monkey bread, just never at the holidays. Maybe I need to reconsider and give monkey bread a chance this year.

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