The summer of 2017 is coming slowly to a end. Where did it go? It feels like it just started.

The final, or one of the final events of summer is set for this weekend. It's the 31st Annual Tug Fest 2017 in both LeClaire, IA. and Port Byron, Il.

According to, Tug Fest kicks off Thursday with a carnival. The "Big Tug" happens Saturday at 12:30, putting Iowa vs. Illinois in a tug of war over the Mississippi River. Get more details at

Tug Fest began in 1987, with ten 20-member tug teams pulling with all of their strength on a 2,700 foot, 680 pound rope that spans the Mississippi River between LeClaire, Iowa and Port Byron, Illinois.

I've personally never been to Tug Fest. Maybe this is the year I finally make it.

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