After a video came out in April of 2019 of Kim's and Kanye West's house, people have been asking for more info. The house is very... Unique to say the least. And Kim has finally opened up more about it.

From an almost all white everything look, to sinks that defy physics, to just long empty hallways, this house made people feel uneasy. It also resulted in a lot of jokes and memes on the internet. People comparing them to vampires or cult leaders.

People were still curious though, and wanted actual answers about the house, with it's very weird design and interior choices. One could argue its just their style, which is very true both Kim and Kanye have interesting style choices.

Kim's recent fashion design is very unique, and different. We see that style come to life in their very open home.

And Kanye, who now is much more religious, use to post much more random things on twitter, showing his random love of style and some time chaos.

In the end though in an interview, Kim said the main reason the home looks the way it does is because it relaxes her them. It's no secret Kim and Kanye do a lot. From fashion, producing, and many more things these two have a stressful life.

While this house may not be something we enjoy. It appears that these two find it perfect for keeping them calm and relaxed, which after watching this video for a second time I can see.

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