For a week straight the ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Clash of the Titans trailer was the talk of the internet. I and many others were excited! There was hype on Twitter, and all other social media platforms. That hyped died down what the wild memes about the stock market broke out.

As we get closer to the release date however I think the hype will be at an all time high because this could be the best monster match up we'll ever see on screen.

Before you scoff at that claim watch the trailer one more time.

With a budget of  up to $200 million I think we are going to get a monster movie like we've never seen before. I also believe that writers and directors learned from the last Godzilla movie 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' after it was ripped apart for the awful dialogue and human story lines. The parts both critics and viewers enjoyed were the monster fights. And that's what I'm hoping the focus of this new movie will be.

It's taken three movies to get to this point, and those movies really worked out the rough parts of making a monster movie. With a budged, Tech, fans, and past mistakes behind this movie, I and many others can't wait for March 31st!

Even if this movie is a bust I believe the visuals will leave fans happy. Now the biggest question until the movie goes up is one of two:

1. Who will win?

2. Will there be a team up?

The best part about this and other mindless monster movies for first time watchers is that you can most likely go into this one without having to watch any of the other ones.

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