Have you ever wanted to learn to ice skate? I tried once and I enjoyed it but my ankles were killing me for a few days after. If you're tougher than me and can get through the pain, then you can start your journey to become the world's greatest ice skater right here in Davenport.

Vit Kovalcik
Vit Kovalcik

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Okay, maybe you won't become the next greatest skater in the world if you're reading this, but it could be the start for your kids. Or if they want to start the path to learning how to skate for hockey.

The City of Davenport is holding its Learn to Skate program and they are taking skaters of all levels for the spring session.

This program offers a variety of classes for people of all ages seeking to learn a new sport. The City's 8-week seasonal sessions run year-round. This program has many different levels including:

  • beginner snowplow
  • basic skills
  • free skate
  • hockey
  • and adult classes at an affordable price.

The Learn To Skate program is held at The River's Edge (700 W River Dr.) and you must be registered by March 16th.

According to the City's website, group lessons take place on Mondays mid-day, Thursday evenings, or Saturday mornings.

Recently added, Homeschool Mondays for students who are homeschooled to socialize while learning a new skill. Students register to attend only one day each week but can register for multiple days if they wish to receive more instruction time.

All of the instructors are SafeSport certified and professionally accredited through Learn to Skate USA.

Get registered here for specific dates and times. To determine what class to sign your skater up for, find more details about class times and requirements here.

See the registration steps from the City of Davenport below.

Registration Steps

  1. Prior to enrolling in our program, visit Learn to Skate USA and renew/create a membership for your skater. If there are multiple skaters in your family, each one will need their own membership. The cost is $17.25 and includes insurance coverage. This required membership is valid until June 30th of the year following your membership start date.
  2. Once that membership is obtained, your skater will have a Learn to Skate number that begins with L#######. This number is required for registration into our program.
  3. Register your skater with Davenport Parks and Recreation by calling (563) 328-7275, visiting the River's Edge in person, or online at recpro.davenport.com. Classes can be found under the "Sports & Wellness" category.

Registration fee includes: 

  • Skate Rental during class
  • Two public skate passes
  • A fun and unique experience on the ice

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