We've officially entered flu season, but unfortunately, a little worse than the flu has struck Illinois. Multiple clusters of Legionnaires Disease have been discovered in the state. Legionnaires' is a severe form of pneumonia, that can seriously inflame the lungs.

A new report from U.S. News reveals that state officials have officially identified two clusters of the sickness just outside of Chicago. They've yet to establish exact sources of the disease, but have an idea.

Currently, they've noted that "the Chicago cluster involves two residents of the Warren Bar South Loop nursing home" and "the possible exposure point of the second cluster was a Walmart store in Johnsburg."

Luckily, Moline and Rock Island shouldn't have to worry about it too much. These cases are pretty far from the QCA.

Still, legionnaires' can still spread. It doesn't spread person-to-person, but rather through mist. It's one of those things to just be aware of.

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