A batter hit by a pitch during the Little League World Series Southwest Region championship game turned from a scary moment to the best display of sportsmanship this year.

Oklahoma batter Isaiah "Zay" Jarvis was drilled right in the middle of his head with a pitch that got away from Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton in the first inning. The pitch hit his helmet's earflap and knocked the helmet off.

Little League via Facebook
Little League via Facebook

After several moments on the ground, Jarvis took first base. Shortly after getting there, he called for a timeout and walked to the mound.

If you're watching MLB this year, you expect this to be when punches are thrown, but these kids show what it's supposed to be like.

Jarvis noticed that Shelton was clearly shaken up, thinking he'd seriously injured (or worse) Jarvis with the pitch that got away from him. So, he gave him a hug, and let him know he was doing great so far.

Little League via Facebook
Little League via Facebook

The whole moment was caught live on TV yesterday, and many people have spoken up about the show of sportsmanship.

Watch the full video here:

"This is the kind of values we need to reward and celebrate. " - Donny Lambeth

"Many times in a lifetime of watching baseball I've seen a pitcher express concern for a batter he hit with a pitch. This is the first time I've seen the batter return the favor by going to the mound to tell the pitcher, "Hey, I'm OK. I know you didn't do that on purpose." God bless them both. And their families." - FatherMichael Lyons

"My daughter was a very good pitcher until she hit her first batter & it tore her up…she never pitched again but did go on to be an awesome catcher & first baseman." - Sheri Forsen Crowley

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