Embracing my artsy side, I'm going to create a sunflower painting and put it up for auction for you to bid on, with all the money going to Ukrainian relief.

I told you last week about Figge's Sunflowers for Ukraine event. While my painting experience is limited to the prophet Bob Ross's "happy little trees", an okay grade in art class (my teacher was a really salty lady), and wine painting classes (emphasis on wine), I still want to give this a go but I'm adding something to it.

The proceeds from the Figge event will go to Save the Children, which helps vulnerable families in Ukraine.

But after I paint the sunflowers, I'll put the painting up for auction here on our website and all of the proceeds from the winning bid will go to Mercy Waters. a local charity helping distribute water to Ukrainian refugees.

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The auction will open up on Friday and will stay open for a week. More details (and obviously pictures) to come.

If you're thinking, 'why exactly is sis painting sunflowers? That's random', it's because sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine and as the Russian invasion has continued, they represent solidarity with Ukraine and a call for peace.

Basically, bright sunflowers would look better on your wall than on mine because it's a great opportunity for you to help Ukraine. I'm pretty sure I can paint something that's at least halfway decent. I'll post the pics and open up the auction for the painting on Friday.

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