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Madonna Says No To David Guetta Over Astrological Conflicts

In a recent interview with YouTubers Mcfly and Carlito, David Guetta discussed working with Madonna... or rather, how he didn't work with Madonna. The "Titanium" hit-maker talked about a Grammy-winning remix he did for the singer in 2006 for her song, "Revolver." Madonna was so impressed by the remix that she wanted Guetta to produce her next album, but when the pair met up for lunch and Madonna found out Guetta was a Scorpio, she terminated their working relationship. Ouch! We guess Madonna's pretty "Hung Up" on that sort of thing. (via Radio)

Amanda Bynes Is Back on Instagram

Amanda Bynes has returned to Instagram—and boy, have things changed! The 34-year-old actress posted a pic of herself on Friday wearing glasses, a black and yellow plaid shirt and ripped jeans, and rocking long black hair. The actress, notably, changed her username to Matte Black Online Store. Could this be a new branding development for our favorite former teen star? The fashion school alumn hinted at a venture into the world of fashion last spring. We wish her luck on whatever she does next!

Avid Horror Movie Watchers More Ready for the Virus

A new study reveals that watching horror movies may be mentally preparing viewers for apocalyptic scenarios. The study shows that fans of horror movies and other dystopian media are handling the current COVID-19 pandemic better than most. The research also shows that sci-fi and alien movie fans are doing well, too! (via StudyFinds)

No Tricks or Treats at Airbnbs

It seems like Airbnb is taking a firm stance against Halloween parties this season. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Airnb will be taking all precautions necessary to make sure everyone stays safe this time of year. (via WPST)

Sabrina Carpenter to Star in Netflix's Alice in Wonderland Adaptation

Sabrina Carpenter will produce and star in a new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. set at a modern day music festival called "Wonderland," the movie will simply be called Alice. Let's hope that this contemporary take on a classic story doesn't fall down the rabbit hole of mediocrity. (via Just Jared)

Joey Chestnut Eats Large Taco In Under 40 Minutes

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut celebrated National Taco Day by eating a 12 pound taco in just 38 minutes! The taco he ate, called a "walking taco," is basically a taco stuffed inside a potato chip bag. For Joey's walking taco, he decided to use: 2 pounds of chips, 3 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of cheese, 1 pound of salsa, 6 avocados, onions, sour cream and a dash of Joey's trademark green hatch and jalapeño sauce.

Tana Mongeau No Longer Verified

YouTube star Tana Mongeau lost her verification on Twitter after offering to send people nudes if they could prove that they voted for Joe Biden. Last month, Mongeau posted that she would keep track of everyone participating through the #bootyforbiden hashtag. (via TMZ)

J Balvin Gets His Own McDonald's Meal

Coming hot off the heels of their recent Travis Scott-endorsed meal, McDonald's continues their string of hip hop combo meal collabs with J Balvin. The artist's meal consists of a Big Mac, medium fries and an Oreo McFlurry. The meal will be available until November 1... and sadly does not come with a toy. (via People)

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