In a viral video with over 30 million views on TikTok, a man attempted to argue his way into a free hotel room.

The video stunned viewers as they watched what seemed to be a simple situation unfold into a frustrating argument.

The person who posted the video is a worker at the hotel, and was praised in the comments for how calmly she handled the situation.

The man said that he was checking in for two adults and two kids, and the employee explained that she had a king suite with a pullout couch reserved at the sold-out hotel.

Confusingly, the man said, "What do you expect us to do? We have two kids and us we can't all sleep on a king bed. That's ridiculous."


The employee offered to either check the man and his family in or cancel the reservation.

"And sleep in our car? Where else are we gonna go?" the man fumed.

"My money is on him purposefully booking a room that would be 'too small' in the hopes of a free upgrade," another viewer said.

After going back and forth, the man forcefully asked, "Who hasn't checked in yet?"

The employee firmly told him that it wasn't possible to take a room from someone else.

The man then doubled down on his "argument" that four people couldn't fit into the king suite, prompting a bystander to step in.

"I'm just stepping in, like, you have a king bed and a pullout, right? You have two beds," the bystander reiterated.

Watch the full video, below:

In a follow-up video, the hotel employee explained that the man did in fact originally book a room with two queen beds before cancelling the reservation and booking the king suite through a third-party site.

One viewer pointed out, "He was trying to be a Kyle thinking he would pay less for more."

Seemingly, the man was attempting to get the room he cancelled for less money than it was available for.

See the hotel employee's explanation, below:

In a third and final video, the man is heard spitting on the floor repeatedly after being told to cancel his reservation.

"I hope the next guest was really loud and was like 'I'm here for my two queen beds reservation!'" someone wrote in the comments.

"He SPITS on the floor ?!??! I can't [believe] some people smh," another person said.

Someone else added, "You have the patience of a saint."

Watch the conclusion to the hotel room saga, below:



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