Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be much less formal, and will most likely look very different for a lot of families. Most people are sticking to just having Thanksgiving with immediate family.


So now that there isn't the pressure of impressing the other relatives, many are trying new things for Thanksgiving. My family is skipping the turkey all together and letting my sister do all the cooking. (She recently started pursuing culinary programs.) It's a nice break for my mom, and a fun new adventure for my sister.

My 15 year old sister is making steak and ham his year, with 8 side dishes so it is going to be interesting.

I'm excited to see the new food on the table, but I also look forward to next year when things will be a bit closer to normal. Hopefully you and the family can find a way to still enjoy the holiday season.

If you're looking for other activities to try with family this year to still have a great Thanksgiving we here at B100 have a few ideas for you that you still have time to set up. You can see that here.

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