Photo booths are always a cute idea at weddings, so why not start off your wedding week (or month) by posing for the camera with your betrothed after getting your marriage license?

The Rock Island County Clerk's office sent out a press release to announce their new marriage license selfie station.

'Couples coming to the Rock Island County Clerk’s office can now pose with their marriage license in front of a custom made selfie-station. Following the selfie craze and wanting to help couples remember their special day, County Clerk Karen Kinney and her Chief Deputy, Nick Camlin, came up with the concept for their office."

-Rock Island CC Office

The selfie station comes complete with flowers, a chalkboard, and other decorations to give couples a nice backdrop for taking photos. County Clerk Karen Kinney released the first couple's photo from the selfie station, and it's pretty adorable:

Rock Island County Clerk's Office
Rock Island County Clerk's Office

The couple is Albert Gardner and Kathleen Hunter of East Moline, who are tying the knot on September 2. I just love how happy and excited they look. What a sweet idea to help commemorate one of the rites of passage before a wedding. I wish this would have been a thing when I got married.

For those interested in procuring a marriage license in Rock Island County, the cost is $35. The list of requirements for obtaining a license can be found on their website here.

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