After the demolition of 324 Main Street, neighboring downtown businesses are being allowed to move back in.

According to a post from Me & Billy, which is at 200 W. 3rd Street, they will be allowed to move back into their space now that the demolition of the partially collapsed 324 Main building is complete.

Me & Billy hopes to open back up by the middle of next week as they'll need time to get things back up and running.

The restaurant was one of several businesses temporarily evicted from their space near "The Davenport" because of safety concerns after the building partially collapsed. Allied Barber & Supply, right beside Me & Billy, is returning to the block too after setting up temporarily at Mississippi River Distilling Company on 2nd Street.

This is what's left of 324 Main as of Wednesday. Earlier that day a judge rejected former 324 Main resident Peach Berry's motion to halt demolition.


As for the collapsed building, our friends at KWQC are keeping up with the latest. So far, there have been four lawsuits filed against building owner Andrew Wold in connection to the collapse, by the owners of 4th Street Nutrition, also one on behalf of a tenant in a nearby building who was denied entry, another lawsuit from a former resident, and a lawsuit from former residents Peach & Lexus Berry, after Peach's leg had to be amputated after she was pinned for four hours.

No word yet on when road closures around 324 Main will open back up.

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