How many times does this have to happen in order for people to listen?

That's the gist of what the Moline Police Department is saying following two more car thefts that took place last weekend. One of the thefts was caught on tape, according to the PD's Facebook page.


We've reported on vehicle thefts that have taken place throughout the QCA over the past year. Most of the incidents have the same thing in common: the cars were unlocked and/or had the keys inside of them.

Obviously, it makes it a lot more difficult for thieves to steal your car if they're not allowed easy access to it. Still, it seems as if the warnings haven't been heeded.

The PD made a Facebook post urging citizens once again to keep their valuables out of their vehicles. So, even though at this point it should go without saying, NEVER leave your purse, cell phone, wallet, and, of course, keys inside of your vehicle. And always lock your car, especially if it's parked on the street. If you're unsure if you locked your car, double and triple check. Taking an extra minute of precautions is worth it.

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