Tekashi 6ix9ine is a prime example of "the bigger they are the harder they fall." He created his career as a rapper by acting like a criminal who could get away with anything and posting it on social media. Marketing wise this was genius, life wise... This was dumb.

Spending the better part of last year sitting in court on multiple charges, cutting deals with authorities by "snitching" on others, and over all not having a good time. It looks like now though to add insult to injury. Tekashi is now getting sued.


It's interesting to see all of this go down over a song called 'Stoopid' which has gone on to receive over 180 million views and countless streams, meaning it's made a significant amount of money. Gordon wants his cut of that. He's asking a judge for damages, and for all 'Stoopid' recordings using his voice to be yanked immediately.

Gordon also stated that some versions of the song that have since been published to different streaming platforms have actually ditched his drop. Others, however, haven't. There is no word yet on what the outcome will be, but it looks like this is just one more thing the young rapper 6ix9ine will have to worry about.

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