It's crazy to think that such a "nerdy" game could have a huge resurgence, but ever since 'Stranger Things' first hit screens in 2016 more people have been jumping on the D&D "hype." It's not just for kids either. Many young adults play it as well. I myself have been playing for about 2 years now. I was surprised at how fun and user friendly the experience has been.

Many areas all over have been finding new ways to play Dungeons & Dragons. The Quad Cities is one of those areas.

The Quad Cities like many other spots has embraced this 80s game. With clubs and games being hosted in multiple areas. There were even some happening weekdays at libraries in the QC. COVID put a stop to a lot of events and gatherings, but the love for 80s pop culture in the QC is still finding ways to keep the trend alive.

There is now Virtual Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the River Valley District library. D&D offers great social interactions for people of all ages. This game also helps you with critical thinking and a multitude of other things. It's no surprise at how popular it has become.

So if you or someone you know is looking for a new hobby and has always wanted to give this game a try, now many be the perfect time.

For more information you can email Coach T at Any new groups wanting to participate must provide their own Dungeon Master.

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