Believe it or not, Iowa is not just full of friendly farmers and cute co-eds. Dangers abound, as they do in every state. And unfortunately, we're not exempt from having to deal with crime in the Quad Cities. The folks at Road Snacks comprised a list of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Iowa, and not only did our own QC Davenport make the list, but so did nearby towns Muscatine and Clinton.

Road Snacks looked at data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report when putting the list together. Specifically, they analyzed the number violent crimes (which includes rape, murder, robbery and aggravated assault) and property crimes in cities with populations above 5,000.

Davenport came in at number 5 on the list, with a ranking of 6 for violent crime and 9 for property crime. Although the report said violent and property crime fell in Davenport between 2011-2012, both have risen again since 2013.  Citizens have a 1 in 156 chance of becoming a victim of violence in Davenport.

Clinton holds the number 4 spot, right ahead of Davenport. According to the report, violent crime rose a staggering 32 percent between 2011 and 2013. Citizens have a 1 in 150 chance of becoming a victim of violence in Clinton.

Muscatine is number 8 on the list, with a 1 in 158 chance of becoming a victim of violence. Although violent crime is high in Muscatine, luckily, property crime dropped by 48 percent in between 2011-2013.

Check out the rest of the list, which includes our state capital, here.