People in both Iowa and Illinois seem to agree on one aspect of pet ownership.

When you get an animal, one of the first things you have to do is name it. When I got my cat Milo, I had him for a month before I came up with a name for him, mainly because he was wreaking havoc everywhere as a little kitten and the names I thought of weren't really PG.

A pet's name reflects both your personality and theirs so you want to get it right.


What Iowa & Illinois Are Naming Our Dogs

Recent data from Bark found that Luna is the most popular pooch name in the country but that's not the case for Iowa & Illinois.

The most popular dog name in our two states is Bella.

Other popular names include Charlie, Daisy, Max, Lucy, Sadie, and Kona. I've never had a dog named any of those names but I've actually met humans with them. Bark looked at customer data and purchasing history for the last 10 years to come up with the study.

They Get Breed Specific Too

For chihuahuas, 'Peanut' is in the top 10. 'Gizmo' is in the top 10 for a Shih Tzu. 'Tank' is a popular one for a Pit Bull. 'Tyson' is a favorite for a Boxer. People get creative with Huskies, giving them names like 'Ghost', 'Shadow', 'Aspen', and 'Storm'. I've always liked the names Kodiak or Denali for a Husky.

The favorite breed by the way in Iowa is a labrador, while Illinois prefers Pit Bulls.

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