Scottie Pippen's daughter partied a little too hard this weekend! Find out what happened HERE!

Sierra Pippen mugshot

The daughter of former Chicago Bulls All-Star Scottie Pippen was arrested Sunday morning for urinating in a hotel lobby.

According to Iowa City police, around 1:30 a.m., 20-year-old Sierra M. Pippen entered the lobby of the Sheraton Inn, urinated on the floor and left. Hotel staff told police they recognized Pippen from an earlier incident.

Pippen is currently a student at the University of Iowa, which is a short walk from the hotel where she was arrested. Despite being underage, she was wearing wristbands from two different local bars at the time.

Pippen refused to participate in field sobriety and breath tests and also accused the officer of being a racist, police said. She was arrested on charge of public intoxication and public urination. /