Flying with dogs can be difficult but one airline hopes to make that easier.

Unless you have a little dog that can fit in your lap on a plane, it can make you uneasy to crate the dog and trust it to be okay in the belly of the plane with the luggage.

Enter new airline Bark Air. According to NBC Chicago, the new airline is designed specifically to accommodate those flying with dogs and it is based in Chicago Midway.

Bark Air
Bark Air

Ticket sales opened for it this week and flights will begin in October. Here's how it works: once you book a flight on Bark Air, you give them info on your dog and when you get to the airport before you board, your dog can socialize with the other dogs on the flight.

The planes feature "calming pheromones, music, and colors that pups prefer" and pups will also get treats, ear muffs, and jackets if they want.

Your doggo does have to be on a leash on the flight though. And the flights are not cheap.

A flight from Chicago to New York on Bark Air will run you $3,000, but they hope to bring that price down over time. They fly to New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, and Phoenix.

It's not a bad idea for an air travel concept at all, as a lot of our dogs, no matter the size, love being close to their owners and get scared in weird moments like flying.

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