Iowa legislators are considering a new law about piercings.

I see kids at my children's school, pretty young, with face piercings, belly button piercings and even tattoos. I have always been able to see it from both sides. The need and desire to express yourself fully is a process that allows someone to be their most authentic. Then, there is the parental side who considers safety, possible regret later and expense.

I also consider whether or not it is the State's responsibility to make sure your teen doesn't go over a piercing limit. Currently, in the State of Iowa, it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to get a tattoo, but piercings are unregulated, with the exception being ear piercings. Anything more than that, and the State of Iowa is looking to enforce parental consent. The ACLU is on the case saying it will take away 'freedom of expression.'

According to a story at,

I was already under the impression that parental consent is required in Iowa for any piercings at all. Goes to show what we 'think' is law, and what actually is law, can be two different things, at least, for now.

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