A new restaurant like nothing else in the Quad Cities has landed on the Hilltop.

With so many restaurant choices in the Quad Cities already, I didn't even know we were missing anything until this one came along. I have a couple admitted food weaknesses, where all the cares I have go out the window and run down the street. Authentic foods, pizza and tacos. I eat well daily, juice, get my greens and probiotics in. Some think of me as a bit of a 'food snob' and 'ingredient purist' and I'll agree with them most of the time. When it comes to food like this, I like to live on the edge and at least try it. Most of the time, it's totally worth it.

Prepare your taste buds for a hint of island flavors at Rico's Tropical Cantina. It's latin flavor at it's finest, or so I've heard from my co-workers who got a sneak peek and 'tasting' before they opened. With cuisine, ambiance, music, and drinks made from authentic recipes, it could be one hot date night or just a great place to let loose and dance.


Rico's Tropical Cantina,  from the owners of Zeke's Island Cafe, is now open at lunch and during the evenings. They even have their menu listed on their Facebook page.

With the beautiful spring weather here, I can't help but start craving a little island getaway here in the Quad Cities. Even if it is only in my mouth. I may just have to close my eyes and imagine I hear waves. And wear flip flops, because well, it's definitely flip-flop season and isn't that what you wear to a tropical place? I think so. Let's go.


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