Let's just go ahead and immediately add this one to the "ABSOLUTELY NOT" column, because that's the only place it belongs. Although, I suppose it could be good in a haunted house. But even then, it's iffy.

According to KWQC, there's a new phone case being sold that not only looks like human skin, but feels like it too. Apparently, it "makes your phone ticklish and able to be pinched, just like human skin."

Now, if that's not weird enough for you, it also triggers a response in the phone itself to display corresponding emojis. For example; if you tickle the phone, a laughing face emoji will pop up.

Now, if you're like me, your main question might be "WHY DID ANYONE FEEL THE NEED TO CREATE THIS AT ALL?!" Well, according to KWQC, the creators "hope that the new technology will allow for new ways to interact with phones and even computers."

Again. Hard pass.

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