A new study has come out that ranks each state by how good their population's teeth is. This new survey is putting Quad Citizens in a pretty good light as both Iowa and Illinois are pretty high on this list.

Our friends at WalletHub did some drilling (see what I did there?) to find out just how nice people's teeth are in each state. In order to determine where people have the healthiest teeth and gums in the U.S., WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 26 key indicators of dental wellness.

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WalletHub broke up those 26 key indicators into two dimensions, Dental Habits & Care and Oral Health. Both dimensions have an equal weight of 50 points out of 100.

After doing all of their math and analyzing each state, WalletHub ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia from best teeth, to worst teeth.

WalletHub found that Wisconsin has the best teeth. They gave Wisconsin an overall score of 74.95. Wisconsin is ranked #1 in Dental Habits & Care and #6 in Oral Health. 

Mississippi fell at dead last on this list. They ranked #51 Dental Habits & Care in and #49 in Oral Health.

How did Iowa and Illinois do on this list? Not too bad!

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub, Illinoisans have a lot better teeth than Iowans! Illinois ranked overall #2 on this list, with a total score of 74.93. Illinois is #8 Dental Habits & Care and #1 in Oral Health. Illinois, along with Minnesota and Hawaii, have the lowest share of adults with poor or fair oral condition, 22%, which is 1.8 times lower than in Montana, the state with the highest at 40%. Illinois is also tied with Connecticut with having the lowest percentage of adults who experienced oral pain in the last year.

Iowa wasn't too far behind Illinois. Iowa ranked #12 overall, with a score of 63.04. Iowa is #12 in Dental Habits & Care and #16 in Oral Health. Iowa is tied for 3rd with Washington D.C. and North Dakota for lowest share of adults with poor or fair oral condition. Iowa is also tied for 5th with Idaho for lowest percentage of adults with low life satisfaction due to oral condition.

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