There have been so many viral challenges since, like, forever. But this new viral challenge has to be the most impossible.

Let just start by saying, if you aren't flexible, or your joints function like normal human, this may not be for you. Jax Kranitz posted this video to Instagram and Tik Tok.

"New flex challenge??" she writes. New flex challenge? More like new flexible challenge for sure! The premise of the challenge is to lay on your stomach with your hands behind your back. You then have to stand up, without rolling onto your back, on either of your sides or with assistance. Seems easy right? WRONG!!!!

Well, it wasn't that hard... Here is my doing it in my living room on carpet which gave me really bad rug burn.

FYI, according to Mirror, she is a college gymnast so that is why it looks pretty easy for her.

I want to see you try this challenge! Just remember, no flipping over or going on your sides. Shoulders are okay to use like I did...

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