If you're losing track of which bars and restaurants are open, closed or curbside only in the Quad Cities, you're not alone.

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Region 2 enters Tier 1 mitigation and that means basically the following restrictions- no indoor service at bars and restaurants, all bars and restaurants close at 11pm, and events limited to 25 guests. 

Restore Illinois/State of Illinois
Restore Illinois/State of Illinois

I don't know if it's because I'm from Iowa and our state's coronavirus 'rules' are pretty relaxed, or if I'm just pandemic fatigued....it's been tough to keep track of who's open where are what the rules are.

Now, it's pretty clear. Rock Island County which is in Region 2 just joined the rest of Illinois with more restrictions. Keeping track of the 'tiers' gets a little bit tricky.

According to the State of Illinois' website, Tier 1 means:

  • No indoor service
  • All bar and restaurant patrons should be seated at tables outside
  • No ordering, seating, or congregating at bar (bar stools should be removed)
  • Tables should be 6 feet apart
  • No standing or congregating indoors or outdoors while waiting for a table or exiting
  • No dancing or standing indoors
  • Reservations required for each party
  • No seating of multiple parties at one table
  • No tables exceeding 6 people *

That's for bars and restaurants. There are more restrictions for hospitals, meetings, social gatherings and recreational activities and gyms. Here's where you'll find the complete list.

Tier 2 for bars and restaurants means there are further limitations on in-person dining. and Tier 3 means there's nothing but takeout.

I get it. Virus cases are surging, we're all pandemic weary and we know winter weather is coming. This is the state's way of keeping the virus from spreading. Do you what you can to stay educated and keep a cool head. Let's all try to grab takeout from all our local businesses during the restrictions so they're still in business when this damned pandemic is contained.

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