Are you a normal person and aren't participating in dry January? Same. I need to have some beers to get me through what feels like the longest month of the century every year it comes around. While all of those other suckers are staying sober, you and I are sucking down beers and most likely our favorite kind of beers. A new study has shown each state's favorite type of beer. Yes, there is more to beer than Busch Light which isn't even a type of beer.

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The most popular type of beer is a lager. Your typical lagers include Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch Light, Coors Light, you get the point.

To determine the most popular beer types in each state, ShaneCo. used Google Trends search interest to identify the most popular beer in each state. They gathered 32 search terms for sources, including  Hospitality InsightsWebstaurantand Home Stratosphere, and used search term data over the past five years to find each state’s most searched beer type.

After doing all of that research they found that lager isn't the most popular beer throughout the union. Is this study wrong? Let's take a look at Iowa and Illinois to see what type of beer people are drinking there. If the answer isn't lager, a.k.a. Busch Light, in Iowa, this thing is B.S.

They found that Illinois' favorite type of beer is Old Ale. What's an Old Ale beer? It's not a domestic so who really cares? If you do, here is the definition of an Old Ale beer.

What is Iowa's favorite beer type? A wheat beer. The most popular wheat beer you might know of is Blue Moon. It's not Busch Light so this article is over.

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