Illinois finds itself ranked among the most sinful states in the U.S...while Iowa is considered one of the least sinful.

A study by WalletHub ranks Illinois as the 10th most sinful state in the U.S. If you're wondering how in the world this was measured, the study looked at parameters that include behaviors. It looked at excesses and vices, and also behaviors like greed, lust, vanity, anger, and jealousy, and others.

But how can you measure behaviors you may ask. The behaviors were examined through related crimes. Here's the breakdown: Thefts per capita is considered jealousy, avarice was measured through gambling disorders, lust is the amount of time spent on adult entertainment websites. Also, vanity is the amount of beauty salons per capita, and laziness is measured by the percentage of adults not exercising. The excesses and vices were measured by excessive drinking and anger and hate were measured by the amount of violent crimes per capita.

Hover over the states to see how they rank:

Source: WalletHub

Notice where Iowa ranks? Iowa is ranked 46 out of 50, making Iowa one of the least sinful states in the U.S. However, Iowa did rank 4th in Most Excessive Drinking (definitely not surprising). But Illinois ranked 46th in Least Excessive Drinking.

The number one most sinful state, no surprise there either, is the home state of Las Vegas, it's Nevada. The least sinful state according to the study is Idaho. Illinois' ranking puts it above New York, which came in at number 13 on the list.


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