Infamous influencer Oli London is apparently "detransitioning" from a "Korean woman" back to a British man after converting to Christianity.

The controversial personality appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss the change.

"I’ve had a difficult time with my gender identity struggles," London shared. "I was never happy with how I looked so I started dressing as a Korean woman and I realized that was a big mistake and I just want to be a boy."

Although London is British, he blamed his struggles on the American school system, claiming that children are "taught to idolize weak men like Harry Styles, weak politicians like Beto O’Rourke" and that "the alpha straight male has been eroded."

Watch the interview below:

"The only thing I see is someone that’s seeking attention so damned bad that when it dries up, he desperately goes searching for another attention seeking gig," one person tweeted of the Fox News video.

"This isn’t 'insane,' it’s very intentional and violent. This man is undermining trans rights activists and inciting violence towards trans people of all ages. This is dangerous and violent," another person tweeted.

"Y'all r aware that a lot of their money for surgeries and stuff came from bad press right? whenever they feel like the buzz is dying down they do something else and y'all eat it up every time. social media is a game and this person is winning bc y'all refuse to forget abt them," someone else wrote on Twitter regarding London's press stunts.

According to London's statement to the Catholic News Agency, he also claims that he has "found God" after previously identifying as an atheist.

London, who is white, is known for having undergone dozens of surgeries to appear Korean, specifically to look like Jimin from BTS. He has reportedly spent over $271,000 on cosmetic procedures.

Before his "detransition," London told The Daily Mail that his look was also inspired by Blackpink member Rosé.

London's obsession with "identifying as Korean" allegedly began after he spent a year in South Korea in 2013, where he became enthralled by the culture.

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