We can't all be on our best behavior all the time and Illinois apparently has that lesson well learned.

There's always stuff we know that we should be doing less of. Drinking, being lazy, whatever. Let's think back to what's considered the "Seven Deadly Sins": pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. Some of those are kind of the basis of a study that WalletHub did on which states are the most sinful.

The study looked at statistics that fall into these categories:

  •  Anger and Hatred (violent crimes per capita)
  • Jealousy (thefts per capita)
  • Excesses and Vices (excessive drinking)
  • Avarice (population with a gambling disorder)
  • Lust (time spent on adult entertainment sites)
  • Vanity (beauty salons per capita)
  • Laziness (percent of adults not exercising)

So for context on the rankings here, 1 is the Most Sinful, and the general average on these categories is 25.

Iowa Does Rank High On One Sin

Iowa isn't considered a terribly sinful state by the study but we're not totally out of the woods. To the surprise of no one, Iowa ranks 4th in excessive drinking, which puts us higher in the 'excesses and vices' category. We have so many breweries, craft beers, and an undying love for Busch Light.

But Illinois Is One Of The Nation's Most Sinful States

They're not as bad as Nevada, but Illinois is in the top ten most sinful states in America, ranking at #8. Their sins are mainly in the categories of violent crimes and thefts and vanity. Here's the breakdown of where Illinois ranks in each category:

  • Anger & Hatred: 7th
  • Jealousy: 11th
  • Excesses and Vices: 27th
  • Lust: 24th
  • Vanity: 7th
  • Laziness: 15th
Source: WalletHub

Ranking ahead of Illinois are states that have big party cities. Nevada is number one (duh), which is followed by California (L.A.), Louisiana (Nawlins), Florida (because Florida), Pennsylvania, Texas, and Tennessee.

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