Iowa and Illinois have two different favorites when it comes to side dishes. Iowa loves corn, and Illinois loves mashed potatoes. You can see what other states love here. Clearly not everyone in the QC has potatoes as their number 1, but I still think it's the easily the best side dish for Thanksgiving.


The main reason I love potatoes is because there are countless ways to prepare them for thanksgiving. Mashed, Baked, loaded, charred, and so many more. One site has over 71 different ways to make a great and different potato dish.

Potatoes are also very basic, not to overwhelming for kids, but if you add some seasoning it can really pop for adults. It's the perfect dish for anyone.

You can also have multiple potato dishes out on Thanksgiving. No one will question why there are 2 potato dishes. 1 mashed and 1 party potato dish will still work great!

My personal favorite is party potatoes. It's an easy dish that my mom makes every year, and I highly recommend it.

I do want to hear from you though. Are potatoes the best side dish for Thanksgiving?

No matter what you love make sure you have a safe, and fun Thanksgiving!

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