When you wake up New Year's morning, lots of changes will go into effect in IL. Don't be taken by surprise Tuesday morning when you wake up and these 253 laws have changed.

While you're hopefully nursing a minor hangover after getting home safely, waking up to so many new laws can be, well, as odd as it is trying to write this blog about them.

While I can't possibly list all of them, if you really want to know them all, here is a full list I found at Fox2now.com.

Some of the more noteworthy laws include:

* Children younger than 2 years old will have to be in rear-facing car seats.

* Nursing mothers are excluded from jury duty.

* If your boss requires you to use your personal phone or computer for work, there must be a reimbursement policy.

* Stalking laws are expanded to included messages on social media.

* A 72 hour waiting period for all gun purchases.

* The 3rd Friday of May, every year, to be designated as "First Responder Mental Health Awareness Day."




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