Calling all adventure seekers! You can have fun and help a local charity in late August by going 'Over the Edge'.

Registration is open for Over the Edge 2023 on Saturday, August 26th, which benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley. This is a great event for my fellow adrenaline junkies.

The challenge is this: you will rappel 11 stories down Hotel Blackhawk.

It can be done, I swear. Myself, Ryan from I-Rock 93.5, and Jake from US 104.9 all made the descent last year and lived to tell about it. I'll be channeling my best Spiderman for it again this year.

You can donate to send me down 140 ft. at this link.

What To Do

You can register to rappel individually, as a duo, or bring your coworkers or a team on board. In order to rappel, you will commit to raising a certain amount of money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Individually, the fundraising minimum is $1,000. For a duo, it's $1,750. For a team, it's $2,500 to send 3 people over the edge.

When you register to rappel, you receive a fundraising page that you can share on your socials to help you meet your goal.

About Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley

It's always important for kids to have mentors or someone to look up to and that's the goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley. They work to pair kids ('Littles', ages 7-18) up with their 'Bigs'- adults who can spend time with them and develop friendships with them so the kids can reach their full potential.

You have a great reason to go 'over the edge' in August. This year marks the 6th Over the Edge that BBBS of the Mississippi Valley has hosted.

You can get more details about Over the Edge and register for it at

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