I swear, there's a new dating term every other week. First came ghosting, then catfishing, then kittenfishing, then breadcrumbing and then and then and then...you see my point. This week, the new thing is "paperclipping." But this one is actually pretty funny, and 100% true.

According to NBC News, "paperclipping" stems from our old friend Clippy the Paperclip. You remember him, right? He used to pop up in early versions of Microsoft Word. While you were typing, he'd offer tips, corrections and help. He was fun – for awhile. Then he got overeager.

He'd pop up more often when you didn't need him, saying things that weren't even close to relevant. And that friends, is what brings us to the dating realm. The term now refers to someone you went on a date with, who randomly slides into your texts or DMs well after the "relationship" fizzled out.

Believe me, just about every woman has experienced this. So here's my helpful tip: don't be a clippy. If a conversation continues to go nowhere, or die out altogether, just let it go.

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